Total Anihilation: Battlegrounds


Im starting a FPSG (First Person Stratagy Game) based on Total Annihilation, a great game by Cavedog. I 'm going to make the entire game from unit (or Kbot) perspective and have a large army fighting with you against an opposing army. There won’t be any maze-like levels, you will be able to see where you need to go easily, andif you die, yo ujust build another unit to control. Don’t worry, Ive been using the GE for seven years now and am NOT a n00b.

here’s the basic story, it fallows the Arm ending of TA…

After the arm onslaut on Core Prime caused the downfall of the Core commander, The arm returned to Imperion. A planatary celebration was held in their major city, where almost all of the milatary forces were gathered. The war was over.

or so they thought…

Behind Imperion’s seventh moon, the mass of the core space fleet lied in waiting, and not long after the party began-they attacked. The city was devistated. there were massave losses, including the Arm commander. Both sides- enraged and resources depleting, began the fight again.The war was not over- the final battles were about to be faught, and each unit could change the course of history forever…

Well, IF i can find a good NPC teack python script…:smiley:
I’ll post some screens when i get the chance!

Sounds great…

Be forewarned that logic slows down the GE a lot. A large opposing army could easily bring your framerate to its knees and make it beg for mercy.

Hmm, you definitely post like a “n00b” - you know, all talk and no show.

Very lame.

PS: Your precursor to the story sounds like crap too.

You know, Firefox comes with a spell checker…

So does gedit.

Social – don’t be such an jerk! pitch me a storyline, let’s see how good you are:no:!!!
Nobody likes an ass!!
I’d like to see your work! Post a screen on this thread!!!

I’m sorry to all the honest people here, i hate guys who come in and put down people’s work crushing their dreams. you got to have a little faith in people!

here! 2 screens! I started this on Saturday “Social”…

also my Firefox was down so sorry about the spelling, but does spelling really matter on a forum?

disregard this post. my internet was messing up…sorry…:evilgrin:

How come you’re using Blender 2.25??? :eyebrowlift2:

any higher version will only allow me to put in one character. 2.41 wont let me fire one round without decreasing my frame rate to 4

Nice Screenshots and :evilgrin:“polycount”.:evilgrin:

I don’t have to, because I’m not the one who started a pointless thread.

Now, did I say I could do better then you (in terms of “story”)? No, I didn’t, but I’ll tell you one thing: I would at least try to pitch something original - like something that doesn’t just continue from where some other game left off.

That’s why I called the story crap, because it lacked originality - which is my personal opinion.

Nobody likes an ass!!
Yes, and you should definitely keep that in mind.

I’d like to see your work! Post a screen on this thread!!!
I’m not the issue here.

I’m sorry to all the honest people here, i hate guys who come in and put down people’s work crushing their dreams. you got to have a little faith in people!

here! 2 screens! I started this on Saturday “Social”…
Heh, wow. Ok, let’s see now:

My intention was not to crush anything, least of all your dreams. However, it was my intention to inform you of the facts, which are that you started this thread with nothing but a story.

You posted screenshots now, and that’s nice, but you have to understand that unless you start a thread with screenshots from the get go - well…it’s somewhat difficult to take you seriously.

So if you want to avoid any ridicule from me (or anyone else for that matter) be sure that you do things the right way from now on, and show something right from the start. (if not, expect to see me around - with my merciless commentary)

As for the screenshots you posted now: I have to be honest (as always) they suck. I mean for someone who claims to have 7 years of experience with blender; I would expect better.

Use some diversity in your textures, and please make a decent skybox for the stars (I can only guess if that’s what those are)

Here, have a tutorial:

Also be sure to visit:
That site will help you out.

Social gave you a screenshot boost. I don’t want to hurt you at all but why didn’t you post the screenshots immideatly?
They look pretty good. Nice and clean.
What do you mean by “Blender 2.30 and higher” only supporting “one character”?
And the current version is 2.44. I hope this helped you.
I don’t think the BGE has any limits. The main problem is that you have to figure it out all by yourself. I have made a mouse look script work today, it only does not work well enough yet. I have problems with the Torque value. But don’t mind my tests. Keep focused on your game.

Pull it off! It would be great to see another good game made with Blender.

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Social posted two minutes earlier.
I didn’t see that coming. :sunglasses:

ha! I Like you Social :evilgrin:. You’re honest (brutally honest), and that lets me know I can trust you’re opinion it the absolute truth. Sorry about the hole ass thing. I was getting annoyed with 2.41.
I do have original storyline but this was just something i felt like doing, what wit the release of Supreme commander and all ( which basically a remake of TA with graphics).

Also, I couldn’t post the pics because i didn’t have them with me. I was at school and had just finished my tech exam, had nothing better to do so i decided to post that story, mainly to get it out of my head.

Thanks for the support. and social, Try to be a bit gentler on the n00b’s.:ba:

What’s with :ba:?

oh, and I’m also on dial up at home. Took at least 30 min to upload those. I’ll make them smaller next time!:stuck_out_tongue:

is 2.44 stable?

I’m not sure there is a stable version of blender as far as the realtime proformance goes. 2.44 is your best bet.

I use 2.44 all the time. For game tests and modelling and animation.
I don’t think it’s having much problems. Only Python was a bit different. Right?

my tracking sensor isn’t working properly. I can get the enemy to fallow you perminately, but he won’t tack to the turrent when he gets close to it.

mabie if i use a colision sphere?..:confused: (firefox spell checker down here. Sorry for spelling…)