Total collision force on an object

How do I find out the total force excerted on an object by all of it’s collisions?

Add a collision sensor with tap on and connect it to a python script that says:

from bge import logic

own = logic.getCurrentController().owner

ve = own.getLinearVelocity(True)    #True is local, False is world

Hm… What I need is to find out the dynamical force that the object receives from environment collisions. I think that this force is called normalforce.

ok, you can’t currently get the hitImpulse per collision,

the closest you can get, is poll linearVelocity and check the change between the last frame, and currentFrame

delta =lastFrameLocalStoredVelocity-own.localLinearVelocity

now you have delta.x, delta.y and delta.z
but that is about the best I can do at the moment,
(2 equal and opposite impacts are not registered at all*)

Uh… Yeah… This doesn’t give the results. If I launch and object, it’s not nessecerly receiving an impact pushing it.