Total Newb - Ocean Modifier issues

Ok, short back story: I found Blender via a YouTuber CG Geek. He had this awesome ocean water tutorial that I wanted to try to mimic then, later, make it my own as a sort of “intro” for a video. Now, I have version 2.77 and he is using version 2.71. I have followed his tutorial to a “T” for the ocean modifier up until we get to the animating part of it.

Mine… doesn’t do anything. No waves or motions, nothing. His, on the other hand, is like built in waves or something from the moment he gets it set up. Then he just animates it to his liking.

Am I missing a step? His tutorial says it’s for beginners. But mine doesn’t move at all, nada. Here’s a link to his video on YouTube:

Upload your .blend file to and tell us the download link so we can see what the problem is