Totally Freakin Awesome!

Here’s a rendering of Strong Bad I did for (a very cool flash animation site). I even started a game with it, but I never heard back from them. You can use it as a Desktop Wallpaper if you like.

Strong Bad

that is soo cool! Holy Crap! :wink:
I tried something similar once…I sent em a render of StrongBad in a matrix-style cloak with an automatic. They didnt post it. I think they dont want to be shown up by us blenderheads %|

The textures, especially the ground, are very stretched. You should fix that.

Otherwise it’s a great rendition of the cartoon, good work. :wink:

The stop sign says population: tire, but the tire is gone! Otherwise, very well done. :slight_smile:

where is the cheat? he is always in strongbadia with strongbad :slight_smile: . looks cool but the render could use some oversampling

Send it to the Brothers Chap. They might but it underneath the “Fan Stuff” section on the site.

Hmmm… must have been an early render. I re-rendered with the tire. As for the Cheat, I think I saw him hiding behind the fence… You know him, that Craaaazzzy Cheat.

I love it. Very good style.

Your browser porbably shrunk the image, and so it looked like it needed it, but it doesn’t.

Find out how to show the image full size. With IE, get the toolbar over the image and in the lower right hand corner, theres a button to expand it.