totaly new to graphic 3d, (don't even have 2d) LOLOL, but I have a project in mind

HI Folks,

I’m ok when it comes to computers (build my own), but for the life of me, I’m having trying time figuring out how 3d works. I can’t seem to figure out the functions of what i want to do. I’m almost sure its possible, its just a matter of how.

What I’m trying to do in essence, is build a subway station platform. In essence a rectangle hollowed out. with a space for rails and a platform.

I’ve tried scalling the cube down, but can’t figure out how to extrude it out. I’ve tried use the plane, but everytime I try to flip it, it comes out on weird non 90d angles.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a bunch…btw: I did watch the blenderguru on subway tunnels, but he goes very fast. ugh.

To extrude a part of an object, select the object, go to edit mode (press TAB), select the part you want to extrude (use SHIFT for multi-selection) and then press E. move your mouse and see the magic happening :slight_smile:

Yeah, this tutorial isn’t really made for beginners…
I suggest you watching some beginner tutorials to get familiar with the interface. After some tutorials you will be able to follow blenderguru…

As a starting point you can watch this series: