Toucan Adventure

Hey everyone, I was bored and modeled the “froot-loops” toucan. Then, I got even more bored and made a game with it. I know that it’s not very good, but it only took me two days. At the beginning, press enter, and the wait for the cutscene to end. Arrow keys to move, space bar to jump, WASD to move camera around. ENJOY.

[(]Here it is


Somebody’s obviously got too much time on their hands, which can all change if you join the dark abyss of my game. Lol.

Love the colors on the bird, neat game too :smiley:

OMG! Toucan Sam!! lol:P

Yes, Toucan Sam. My friend was saying that I should add the TRIX bunny to it. lol

Another level I’ve been working on:


Looks pretty cool, you might wanna look into some render baking :smiley:

How do you do render baking??

I added more to the “level.” There is a crystal with a cool animation when you run into it. Also, a secret level that you can get to by running through a secret passage in a certain spot. Can someone explain to me how to do render baking???


Looks really artistic. Downloading now. Once you are logged in onto the forum you can do a search for “baking tutorial”, select Game engine part. That’ll give you plenty of threads and links to learn from. Please continue.

thanks alot

I like the new crystal effects :smiley: nice work on this.


ps your game is awesome poof!! I played it for like an hour!!

wow nice i like

Added some new features:


wow yous till workin on it

lol for a project you’ve made from “Boredom” you sure spending time to work on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Gahh can someone help me with my game like turim

do you have a topic?:confused:

no just pms right now im not goin to start making a topic until i have alot done

pm me if you want to help