Touching Up Render In Blender Internal Compositing

So I have worked a bit with nodes before, but am in no respect a master. In my latest animation, I would like to touch up the render, but I have no cluehow. In a general sense the animating is complete, and at the stage where I touch up the quality and colors and such. My question is, how do I make this look better? From something like lens flares to some kind of shading, I am wondering (in Blender Internal) how to use lights and compositing to make my render (animation) look better. Any good tutorials that would help? I love (kind of need to) learning new things about Blender! Anyway, thank you for your time!
Picture I am trying to touch up:

You mentioned lensflares, I would stay away from them in this shot… you really only get lensflares in real life when a bright source is pointing at the camera… your lights in the current shot are quite dull so they would have a bit of bloom but not a massive lensflare.

I would look into grading most of all… experiment with the gamma node, the brightness / contrast node… the RGB curves node… etc.etc.etc… crush the blacks… make the whites brighter etc.etc. if you are running a older version of blender (2.69 / 2.68) experiment with the film response addon…