Tour de france

Hi ! here a little animation I made, inspirated by vintage tour de france :slight_smile:
Hope you like it.


nice animation man and lighting! if you want improve it you could speed up the bike sounds to slow, or maybe the body doesnt move an off up and down.

also i dont like the shake of Z axis camera, could be better to just remove the shake in that axis.

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I really dig this! Thanks for sharing it. :biking_man:t3:‍♂
Looks like pre-war tour. :metal:t2:

It’s weird watching the tour in September.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

thank you Bart :heart_eyes: really appreciate the support :blush:

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check the article I wrote (with the precious help of Abby) for blendernation’s’behind the scene serie :slight_smile:
I explain my process and my inspiration to make this little artwork

thanks for watching :slight_smile:
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