Tower Destroyer game.


I haven’t been able to do much of anything on blender now for about 7 months but I have been itching to do something. I decided a couple of days ago to learn python, low poly modelling and more about the Blender Game engine.

With that in mind I decided to make a small easy game. Something that shouldn’t take too long to complete (outside of work hours etc).

More information can be found on the blog I setup for the game.

So far I been working on it for 3 days and just done the initial scripts. Feel free to look at the blog.

As I come across issues I might be looking for help, although I like to find my own solutions most the time.

Cheers and hopefully I can finish it in the not too distant future.

Sounds like a good way to learn Python, good luck!

A couple extra properties to the objects and few modifications to the attacking and movements scripts allow for the same scripts to be used for both player units and enemy units.
Short vid :

Nice work, those red guys seem quite strong. What graphics are you aiming for? Are you going to be texturing? (I know you’re doing coding first). Also, you can attach videos with the little movie strip icon. :wink:

Really don know what style at this stage. Cause I am using scripts and properties its gonna be really easy to add enemies and units to the game. I was kinda thinking of making a couple of themes for it. just means making a lot of assets. So I am gonna start off with one theme first.

Willing to take suggestions.

Have you ever played Cartoon Wars for iOS? :slight_smile: It’s very similar to this. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do like this, keep at it! :slight_smile:

There are a few games out there like this :stuck_out_tongue:
Heh I said it on the blog but forgot to say it here on my original post.
Although there are a fair few games out there in this genre/style I think it should be simple enough to actually complete.

Hopefully given enough time I can add a few features that make it different from others out there.

But the real aim is to learn from making this game :smiley:

Either way it should be a bit of fun :smiley:

Creating basic UI Script. Mouse activated unit spawn.

Basic resource management and Tower destruction.
All done via scripts not logic bricks.

I think ive seen something like this somewhere… There was this online game i used to play and it was just like this. Each side would progress through different times (Stone Age, Middle Ages, use of guns, modern times, and future)

Age of war?
same thought here :slight_smile:

You may have thought of this already, but what about maybe adding a coin/resource system where you can pick things off the ground and people drop/throw things when they die, so either side can pick up his resources? Just a little idea…

This will be really neat, especially once you add the animations :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! Exactly what I was thinking. Just couldn’t find the words. If this game turns out like AoW, that’ll be nice.

Yeah nice. There are a few games like this.
I like the idea of progressing through the ages.
Another thing I was thinking of doing is maybe adding the ability to build towers/walls to slow down the enemy. But that might come a lot later. Gonna need to balance all the units etc.

I think creating the assets (Models/textures) and adding them is going to take me a lot longer then the actual coding.

Thanks for the feedback. I like the ideas.

Will try and add them as I get to those points.

BTW I am really up for suggestions on a proper name and theme/style.

Feel free to suggest any.

Been working on some support scripts so not much do display. Built scripts for Custom mouse cursor and movement (limited to x and z axis movement).
Created scripts for hover over mouse effects to replace mesh on hover over and also one for rotating an object on mouse over. Scripts only need to be called from camera.

Example of using hover:


obj = object script attached to
mhit = object mouse has hit
“StartGame” and “ExitGame” = objects I wish to effect.
curscene = the scene these objects are found in
for rotate the last 4 numbers are x,y,z and local rotation values. with local being 0 for no or 1 for yes

Been doing mostly scripting so not much to show visually. Just a vid of some of the new scripts in action.

Made a function to pause and resume a game.
Trying to build up a library of useful functions so that I can just call them instead of re-writing lots of the same codes.

To Pause :


To Resume :


Sorry for the lot’s of posts. Just trying to ensure I keep working as often as I can and keep a bit of a journal.

Firstly ! Sorry bout the crappy music in the video. (some random youtube music)

Been learning game animation and controlling animations from python.
Both something new for me.

Finally decided on a theme for the game. Steampunk.
Should have fun when I get around to doing the models and textures and stuff.
Still trying to decide if I am going to use animated Models or sprites. I would prefer to use models because thats what I want to learn but it might become a bit resource intensive.

Things done since last post :
Added cooldowns.
Cleaned up scripts and did some optimizing. (Always the way when your learning something)
Added resources over time.
Implemented basic speed increase (Think 1x, 2x, 4x etc) as unit movements will be much slower then currently.
Added started base code for AI and unit levels.
Implemented some basic animations (as stated above)

Still trying to decide a real name for it.