Tower in Little Venice, London

Hi everyone. This is a project that’s been on my to-complete-list for maybe 3 years! Finally happy with the result!

Here is a video explaining the project:

And information on my website including some earlier renders here. I am also in the proecess of creating a making-of video and blog post on how I generated the image with Blender and Affinity Photo.


Great presentation, very educative. Made me miss my university days.

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Thank you! The thing is we don’t need to be in university to continue to have research base approach

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Great visualization. Looks impressive. And like you did a lot of work.

Thanks!! Yes, it was quite a bit! Happy that you can tell that it’s not slapped together in a few hours! Although some more talented people out there could probably do it in shorter time.

WOW! Very impressive my friend!

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Thank you! I hope to have the time to release the breakdown soon

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart! It’s amazing to see how long the weekly feature images post has become over the years!

Haha yeah! I did streamline the process a bit so it’s easier to put more people in the spotlight :slight_smile:

Here is the breakdown process for creating the image, with a written guide coming quite soon.
Here is the breakdown video

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Behind the scenes article on the process is now on blender nation -