Tower inspired by Zdzisław Beksiński art


In this project I want to recreate a scene similar of one created by the amazing Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński.

The terrain was made with basic Ant Landscape, and the stones as a particle field, following a known pebbles tutorial.

I imagine the scene in the afternoon.

Now I need to learn how to create trees.

I will appreciate any comment.

I modeled the main trunk using a bezier curve like the one used by the sapling addon. Tomorrow I will figure out how to use that script to populate this trunk with branches and twigs.

By the way, the texture used for the tower’s exterior is made with gimp (both color and bump) and a gimp script to generate brick walls.

Any crit?

I would suggest many bundles of 3d curves using the Full fill setting, bevel at 0.05 at least - then you can use alt-s to fatten nodes and shrink them down to get the spindle look. I would use many of them overlaying that main trunk, and many more seeming to extrude from it as well.