This is a tower, inspired by the Tooth Fairy’s Tower from Hogfather. I’m trying to figure out why certain of my arches turn bright red, especially depending on the view angle. Looking up, almost all of them are red. In the close up, one arch is red and one is not. If I duplicate the non red arch and move it, it turns red as well. The lighting comes from each of the torches and three lights in the middle of the tower.

Any thoughts?

You may have more than 1 material on the arches. A red material perhaps…\

Stronger light. Drama comes from contrast.

Here’s an updated shot. I figured out that the red was from a lighting issue. I went to a simplified lighting setup and the problem resolved itself. I’m still not convinced on the lighting, so more to come. Lighting is not my strong suit. I’m also trying to figure out how to make the tower extend up another 5 or 6 levels without blowing the polycount all over the place. It’s not for an animation or anything, but I’m at roughly 450,000 faces right now and it’s pushing what my computer will render without crashing. In fact I’ve had to remove detail such as railings just to get it to render right now.

Bigger version of the photo…easier to see, just click.