Town Center

First render of a Town Center I’m making. Also first try with plants. Planning to add a few trees and some low detail(mannequin like) human models to give the picture some life. Don’t plan to texture it tho :confused: I have a pretty nice image in my head how it will look like.

This is a very unique project with great potential, based on how far you want to take it. Everything you modeled looks pretty good so far. Maybe some close up renders with different camera angles would be nice to be able to see some of your details better.

Close ups yeah :smiley: Due to my weak pc the render of an image takes like an hour and I didn’t even add the people and other stuff to fill the empty area. But in the end I will try and render some.

Minor modifications + different light source.

And so this is the part where the progress becomes slow as hell.

New pc, Awesome render time :slight_smile: Long time since last update so there are a lot of changes.