Town Guard


Here’s my attempt to make a town guard character. Now I’ll get into making his weapon, it’s going to be a halberd, and then I’ll proceed to make rest of the scene.

Upd: decided to post latest major update renders in the first post.

Wonder what it means when noone can be bothered to comment on your work:( I’m still waiting for anything on mine even a negative comment would be welcome:D
Anyway for me I don’t think where the chainmail meets the glove looks too good personally i would have the gauntlet encompass the entire wrist area would look a lot neater,I would probably also put some cloth over the breastplate looks a bit strange with the cloth pants and a metal breastplate(ala the crusaders) maybe even a red cloak to tie in the pants.

Yeah, I think I’ll update the gauntlet, and maybe make pants black so that they won’t stand out so much, as for adding some cloth I thought about it and I don’t like it very much, maybe instead I’ll add some metal leg protection or maybe I’ll replace mail with some kind of gambeson. And to be honest working with cloth scares me a bit. :smiley:

A small update on a face. Made cheekbones smaller, cheeks a bit fatter, added some asymmetry, and made skin much lighter

Finally an update!
Made retopo and maps for the head, also made some adjustments, sculpted and changed color of pants, scupted boots, edited gloves
I think I have to stop refining the character and start making scene if I don’t want to get stuck and lose motivation.