Done in fall '15. Townhouse somewhere in Australia. Initial house model was made in SketchUp, then I remade it in Blender completely. All the surroundings are 3d. Rendered in Cycles, CPU.

I like it! nice colors!

Now thats the level of detail i wanna get too! But for now ill have to stick with block men and creating my own odds and ends :smiley:

Looks great! Most arch. viz artists choke the second they have to put a tree or a plant in their scene (even the pros). This looks very realistic and thought out

Not realistic at all. This is Australia we are talking about.

It needs this:

Just kidding. Looks great. I love the semi realistic look of it. I would love an animation in this style.

Thanks, guys!

bigbad: in fact, I wanted to put an Interceptor on the driveway, but the client prefered Audi )

I just can’t stop looking at it. The feeling it gives is great!
It combines realism and a little bit “dreamy” which makes it so beautiful.

amazing work :slight_smile:
did you use pro lighting sky or just simlpe lighting sky with cycles ?

It’s an HDRI on background. You don’t need pro-lighting or so - hdri usage in cycles is fairly simple and intuitive.

This looks really nice! It’s not hyper realistic but it is very appealing. Your use of saturation and color choices are well-done as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks! In your opinion, what should I do to make it look hyper realistic?

I agree with all the comments about colors and feeling, well done!

Greenery is fully 3d or a mix? How was created, if 3d?
I would too like to know how to let look your scene “more” realistic…probably a brighter sky, less saturation, more small details in the asphalt and around the scene?

Nicely done! Love the style of the architecture and the detailed foliage. 5*s

Really good job on this. As others mentioned the greenery looks very natural to me. I really like the camera angle you went with. The bike was a nice touch. I’m sure your client was pleased with the result.

Amazing realism!

It’s full 3d. Trees are from Evermotion, grass - my personal model. Here’s a screenshot to feel the scale )