Toxic Trophy

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Awesome details and texture…

Well , it is what it is , I just felt like doing it and such comments as “Awesome details and texture” have almost no value to me. If I do well just say “Nice” or whatever floats your boat. Personally I don’t like my own work for the most part because there is always thought like “I could have done it a lot better” , even if I was having fun when making it , I will still feel that it is not “perfect” enough. I decide when project is finish and when is not. I just want to make a point that reasonable criticism is more valuable to me , and such comments are just empty. Of course I am posting my work to receive feedback. In this case , there is nothing to say about this model , it is really simple thus not much can be said about it. One of the most important reasons why I post it here , is to see the progress , because looking at myself today and comparing it to me months ago is totally different thing and it is beautiful to watch how I evolved :slight_smile: