Toy bunny

I kept working on my toy bunny render and have changed the scene completely.

I also posted the bunny itself for download on sketchfab, the happy version not the sad ;).

Bunny by Sussi on Sketchfab

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Best regards


I like it!

btw I think you made super high poly, which is not necessery (otherwise you had a problem while creating)

eyalmu: Thank you :slight_smile: I´m still quite inexperienced and have to learn to keep a decent level of polys, I know it´s one of my problems.

your work is so amazing and i know that you toke the spider web trick from Gleb Alexandrov right

but still you are so amazing and keep going on:):slight_smile:

strong7201111: Thank you for your kind words! Yes, you are correct, I did use Glebs spider web tutorial and the image he was gracious enough to put up for download :slight_smile: I also used the same technique for the dusty foot prints on the floor :slight_smile:

Best regards