Toy Factory


Cute, colorful, and fun, nice work. I love the fact that Blender can easily make noise-free animation with GI and PBR now.

Perhaps more of the factory can be shown in a future video, if you are up to such a project of course.

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I’d like to, but the client I’m doing these projects for needs quantity over complexity, so I have to finish an animation like this one in like 2 hours. It would’ve been a completely different story if this was a personal project I could take all the time with.

I’m actually not that into this type of artwork/animation, so it’s not quite something I’d do for a personal project. I enjoy creating photo-realistic environments as I’m also a video game 3D artist working in the industry and that’s my real cup of tea.
These animations are nice to look at, and I enjoy doing something different from time to time, but yeah, as I said I very much prefer creating realistic artworks.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks, Bart!

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Such a nice and beautiful factory! Congrats for this project :white_heart: :+1:

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It’s pleasing to the eyes.

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Appreciate it!

Thanks! I really liked the lighting and vibrant colors.