Toy Story 4 gets Oscar!

…I haven’t even seen it yet! :slight_smile:

…what’s everyone thinking about this?

Also - how does one SEE the “short movies” that get nominated? They’re not on TV or anything, at least not here

I haven’t seen the fourth installment either, but the franchise is apparently finding a way to maintain the quality it is known for after the third movie appeared to wrap things up so well (ie. Andy handing his remaining toys off to the next generation).

I’ve seen it. If you liked Toy Story 1 through 3, you’ll like 4, because it’s easily just as good as the rest.

Though to me, 4 seemed more like a proper finale to the series than 3 did. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but it ends in such a way that if there’s a Toy Story 5, it’ll be a markedly different movie than the ones that came before it.

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I love Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, but I was a bit disappointed by 4. :neutral_face:

I never liked toy story movies. I’m more of a Shrek kinda 3D movie guy.


I saw 4… meh. I much prefer the Disney Animation Studios films (Tangled, Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, etc.) - they are more in the classic Disney animation style and I feel like the stories are much better. Pixar has fallen off IMO… they seem to have lost something, or gotten lazy I don’t know. That being said, The Incredibles is one of my favorites, although the sequel was just… ok.

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Toy Story 1 through 3 are great. 4 not so much. It is all right at best and frankly did not need to exist. TS3 was a far better movie and ended in a highly satisfying way. Plus, the 4th movie feels like a flanderisation of the characters. The Woody who decided to leave everyone behind in 4 is not the same Woody who decided it was better to sit in an attic for the rest of his life knowing that he made one kid happy than to be frozen in time with no genuine connection in some museum. There was just something off with a lot of the characterisations of the old cast.

The other nominations deserved the win this year over Pixar. I would have been perfectly fine if Klaus or HTTYD won. It is honestly kind of nuts that HTTYD as a whole hasn’t combed home a single Oscar. Still, this is the Oscars we’re talking about. They don’t care about the art of animation or appreciate the work that CG artists do either to make many of these films look as good as they do. Pixar hasn’t produced many great movies last decade compared to the 2000s and they are nominated/winning mostly because of brand name at this point.

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What about my question about the short movies??

This pretty much. The people who do the nominating work in animation and know their stuff hence why the list of nominations is usually good but voting is open to everyone in the academy and they don’t give a shit about animation hence why the Oscar pretty much goes to Disney or Pixar regardless of the quality of the stuff either studio puts out. It’s very rare that a movie like Into the Spider Verse or Spirited Away wins.


It’s funny that they give the award to TS4 when I thought that other movies by the same studio, such as the Frozen series, actually were better films and with very similar (high) production values.

How on earth did Toy Story 4 manage to score an Oscar? It’s a pretty boring formulaic Disney/Pixar movie. I turned it off half-way two months ago, and haven’t bothered yet to finish watching it.

Klaus should’ve gotten that Oscar. It is obvious the powers that be (Disney) pulled out the intimidation guns. TS4 is just incredibly bland.


You can go to Pixar and see the list then google.

I did not try all of them but I found this.

Perhaps they scored points for nostalgia.

Actually – and this might be “next year’s Oscar season” – I am actually far more interested in the "unobtrusive digital special effects which were used in films such as the latest re-make of Aladdin. Here, the computer is being used to create effects that, in the story-world, are “real.” And which, as such, must never “draw my eye.”

(Of course, this is hardly peculiar to Disney.)