Toyota Prius

I have started a new project. It’s just a modeling project so I will try to work hard on it. This is my first render and I will put a few renders every week.

Doesn’t look too bad :slight_smile: But could you please show us an edit mode shot of the car with Sub Surf turned off? Thanks!

With subsurf off :smiley:

A little update today.

I have been workng in the front of the car.

looks good!:slight_smile:

If you are going to post wires, the best way to make them meaningful is to get your 3/4 view from the front and back (lower the cam a bit too) and zoom in on the car more. Also turn the optimal display on the subsurf modifier on.

If you want to do the renders, at least enable AO, it will make the image 10X better. But honestly edit-mode open GL renders work just as well.

Af far as the car goes, it looks like its taking shape, but i am not sure how accurate it is…

Thanks a lot DDD! I have tried to do what you said. As you said the car is taking shape at the moment and is far away from the real model. My goal it’s to finish the shape and after that polish it. What do you recommend? Thanks again!

Looks like a solid start! One of these days I will have to finish my car model too… :smiley:

Keep at it, looking good so far.

A little little update today.

Toyota logo! And a few things more :smiley:


Looking much better :smiley: one thing I would mention is that i think you should try and carry the topology of the left door through to the right door (if you get what i mean) they currently have different lines in different places, and i think the edge should flow accross both doors!

Peter18 are you saying something like this?

Last update! Bed time!

yup thats exactly it :slight_smile: