Toyota Supra

Hi guys, this is my idea of a Toyota Supra.
It is one of my personal favourites.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

That’s looking good.
This is the car shader i use, and it works pretty good.

Thanks I’ll try that and post the result.

Can you send a screen of a mesh?

I really like this car, I also model other one.
It seems that, unfortunately, is a lot of irregularities in your model.
You can see it on the front bumper or on the side of the car.
The whole model appears to be a somewhat square,
lack fluidity in the Supra body.

Send screen mesh with modifiers that you used.
Another shot of it can get a little help to make good assessment.

Wiewla i’ll post the mesh at some time, but I just have a lot of things going on with school and exam just around the corner.

P.s. Can someone help me with the disc brakes, specifically the brake calipers.

Not many people will be able to help you with brake calipers because they are not something you just up and do… for the most part, the best rout is to find the caliper you want to make, and you want a front profile view, along with a seperate top view. only use the front view to trace, because I PROMISE you the 2 pictures you find wont line up. use the top pic for reference. on the front view, model out the extuded Y facing faces only, so leave edge faces alone. then when all the faces are done, model ““organic edges”” meaning rounded parts of the model that connect awkwardly. dont think about how they all connect yet. WHEN YOU ARE DONE! and this next part is VERY important. Do minor edge extrusions and loops BEFORE lofting all the faces together. If you loft 3 edges to 1, without looping first, it will look praticularly bad and there will be little to nothing you can do after the fact except delete those faces and start over. Dont forget to use the mirror modifier so you arent doing everything twice.

Good luck…

also, that car shader up there seems a little big to be honest. Im all for big shaders but thats a little over the top IMO
try one of these that I put together in pranavjit and my shader library

Without flakes…
With flakes…

Thanks for the advice.
Since my last post I’ve tried to smooth things out. Here is my mesh:

This is only my second project and my first time plane modeling a car so my topology isn’t the best.

I’ve also applied ThorntonStrolia’s candy coat shader and changed it to resemble candy apple red (my favourite car paint)

I forgot to change the world since I messed around with the settings. That’s the reason for the yellow sky.

Im glad you like the candy coat. TBH Im a little supprised with the high roughness around the corners… might be the world. I use the same shader on my viper and am not seeing those results… IDK.

I had to render it quickly so I set the samples to 250.Maybe that’s what is causing the roughness.

I’ve begun working on the brake calipers.

They are based off of trd brake calipers

Here is a render of my brake calipers.

nice work so far, i like your carpaint setup!

Thanks for the feedback. The shader I use is ThorntonStrolia’s candy coat.