"TR" the Demo Version

OK here is an updated version of the TR demo game i made and this time i press the packed button in blender so it should have all the textures and all if i understand the button correctly:




up key- forward
down key- backward
left key- turn left
right key- turn right

Need to know

g- switch between h-t-h, sword, and gun
1- 1st person cam
2- 3rd person cam
space- to jump (but because of the current settings is more like levate)
check if life bar works (because, like the previous version their is still no ememies- 3
element power bar- 4


s- rolling thunder
z- spin kick og(on ground)
x- spin kick uh(up high)
d- punch
c- punch
f (continously)-is a combo that puts it all in one


a- sword slash
s- quick slash


a- shoot

there may be more that i cant remember so just check all the buttons.

the last time i posted a previous version of this game i got practically no replies. so can you people please reply so i know how it is.

i want to continue this game, but it is very difficult to make for just one person. So if you believe this game has a future and is intrested in helping
contact me at:

[email protected]

or just leave a post saying you are intrested and a way to contact you

thanx in advance.

o and i did not realize that the hill that the building was on is not on there i dont kno why, but if you fall off the building just hold space and you should just float back to the top

please after playing it leave a post to tell me what you think about it, please

Hmm, nice job on the animations. The walking or running could use a little work though. It just seems like he’s shuffling along right now.

Hehe, it looks like a makehuman model. Dunno what more else I could say about it. Right now it’s kinda incomplete (you can only run around with the character and do some fancy moves).

To maybe get more replies

  1. Post screenshots of your game (you can’t expect everyone to download it blindly)
  2. To get help or maybe a team (please post your ideas, ie:storyline, planned gameplay, etc)
  3. I know the download service is free, but is there another place that you can upload it to that’s better?

Jason Lin

thanks for the advice man, and how do i take pictures of the the screen while the game is in play

The Print Screen button on your keyboard takes a screenshot then just paste it in paint or something and save it there.

Another method is to use a python command which I think is something like this:

import Rasterizer

A good place to upload your files is http://freeuploader.com or find one that allows hotlinking.

screen shot of the game below:


%| Please do not use BMP as filetype for your screenshot/screenshots. Your screenshot is 1,37 Mb, this is ridiculously big for such a small picture.

In Windows Paint you can also save as JPG. This filetype is more suitable.

About your game:

Why is your executable almost 20 Mb? You use very basic textures, no sounds, and no huge amounts of vertices (as far as I can see).

  1. Use JPG files as textures. And use textures which are: 64x64 pixels, 128x128, 256x256, etc. It will help keep things fast and efficient.

  2. Be more efficient with your vertices/meshes. I can see you are using too many vertices and faces in places no-one can see them anyway. Get rid of them. In Blender there is an option to delete double vertices. This could help here as well, I suspect. Think light, think simple. For example, a cube which stand against a wall can have already 2 faces deleted. The bottom and back. Deleting unneeded vertices also helps to keep things fast and efficient.

  3. I know this is just a work in progress, but because it is 20 Mb and there is no intro, it needs to load this 20 Mb at once. This means users need to wait until everything is loaded. For your next demo, add an intro-screen, which can help to load all data in smaller parts. Also: faster and more efficient.

You are working on a very ambitious project, and things are going in the good direction. I’m curious to see the next demo with some super improvements! :smiley:


thanks victor, thats the type of advices i was looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

Gave me alot to think about when I try my hand at modeling, and making a game/animation in Blender.

Although, from just observing, and playing your tech. demo.
You may want to try slowing down the sword animation as it was kind of a blur.

For a download site you might want to try http://www.reupload.com . Works without those annoying adds for the donwnloader. Hotlinking alowed!

Hey im offspring a freind of masta p’s and i am going to be helping him out with the game i have about one year experience with 3ds max 7 and one year experience with paint shop pro 8 but ive only had like 4 hours of experience with blender i could never get my self used to it and pretty much gave up on it a year ago but i will start to use it again. I will be making the cutscenes for the game using alot of special effects and a high poly models of the main characters.

But enuff of the talk heres the cover and starting menu for the game: