Trace image of object to create wire frame/mesh? (Not a logo or 2D image)

Hey, this may have been asked and answered before, but I haven’t found anything online, so I thought it best to sign up and post here. I’m wanting to create a model of something that’s been drawn on an angle, so I can shift the perspective to a top down view. Not the textures or anything, just a simple frame to get an idea of what the geometry should look like from different angles. Could I define the planes and draw over an image? Often, when I create (or find online) a concept (say, for a space craft or vehicle), I have difficulty getting the shape right at some angles. So I thought if I were able to create a model for reference, I may get more confident. Is this at all possible? How difficult would it be to learn?

(Sorry if anyone recoiled in disgust from my blatant misuse of terminology or inexperience)

I don’t think that would work unless it’s a very simple object. 3D modelers generally look for reference images to figure out how something should look at different angles. Whether you’re going to draw it or model it without reference, both will require imagination.