Trace Map Sketch

A friend of mine, drew a map for our game, but what’s the best way to “trace” it?

Thanks in advance!

Oh sorry, but maybe it’s better to separate the last post, because it’s a different subject. Can a mod separate this?

Before converting to mesh it’s good to lower the curve resolution so that you don’t end up with too many vertices and then clean the mesh after converting.

Remove doubles, then either limited dissolve or remove top faces and fill again with an n-gon. Then cut it to smaller pieces if concave corners cause troubles and then inset to get a continuous face loop around the thing. If further loops are needed, grid fill tool will probably become handy.

Sorry, but can you explain it a little more. And i can’t remove doubles because i dont have a mesh menu, but a curve menu.


I’d say freehand drawing and some limited vertex moving is faster. Namely Bsurfaces addon which while a bit buggy in latest Blender’s versions is still a fast way to do such things. Check it out and here’s how the mesh looks after a short while
And a fast render with some makeup in Gimp