Track to error for eyes set up

For some reason track to doesnt work… it worked fine then somewhere down the line one of the eyes stopped working. After clearing parent and re-parenting etc the command simply doesnt work and i dont know why…

i have set up the 5 bones… so strange blender is

Got some weird stuff going on here…

Any pointers please. Just dont know why this is happening

On this first video, Track Axis is the one setting that must be +Y or -Y (depending on the direction of the Tail of the Eye Bone), if you want the Eye Bone to be pointing towards an Eye-Track Bone. Then also, the Up Axis must be either Z or X (depends on the current Eye Bone’s Roll on Edit Mode).

Well, one thing always to consider is that you’re using Blender 3.1.2, maybe it’s inconsistent; this is not the LTS version. When you install Blender from ‘shop’/‘library’ in the OS, it gets auto-updated by default —which can be problematic.

However, I believe the problem is that you need to have a better starting setup on Edit Mode for your Bones. I think it’s better if the Eye Bone started already lying down and pointing forwards to the correct direction, and in this sense, it’s preferably that it’s “Up Axis” (not from the Bone Constraint, but from Edit Mode already) would be already set as you want from Edit Mode and not from Pose Mode with the Track To Bone Constraint. Because this Bone is not just a Bone on 3D space (the Eye Mesh being Parented to it somehow, thus lock-dependent on its Transforms), if you get Transforms on that Eye Bone through the Bone Constraint changing the starting Position (Edit Mode), you’ll be getting more Transforms than required; and this is not a clean workflow I think; it’s as you didn’t prepare your Bones for the desired effect, and would be taking a shortcut. This can work too, but then if the Rig breaks up, you have to fix everything on non-intuitive mechanisms/setups; so it’s usually optimal to have every step as organized as possible —and in this case I believe it means getting everything set up properly from Edit Mode.

I can’t work without seeing the Bone Rolls; I suggest you Select the Armature/Bone, go to: Properties Editor → Object Data Properties Tab → Viewport Display Panel → Check Roll. Then you start reworking the Positioning of all your Bones from Edit Mode; then you finish off developing the Bone Constraint on Pose Mode. You can just Hide/Disable the Bone Constraint for a while and then Unhide/Enable it when you are ready to address it on the later stage.

The left eye works fine, same settings for right eye but doesnt work. As far as im aware its all set up correctly. Left eye works fine and same set up as right…

I’m confused because I don’t use those Displaying settings.

Sorry, what I meant was: → Check Axes Option (not Check Roll)

Also, on one hand, Display As Stick doesn’t differentiate Head and Tail for the Bones (as far as I understand; personally I find this a terrible choice for Blender UI); on another hand, I’m not used to the main Gizmos when working with Bones. That’s why I solely rely on that Display Axes Option for the Bones.

Note that when you get Gimbal Transformation Orientation, either on Move Tool or Rotate Tool, it will not Align Gizmo with true Bone Axes on Edit Mode (only on Pose Mode); this makes no sense to me anyways. But if you want the proper Alignment of the Gizmo with the Bone Axes, you ought to have Normal Transformation Orientation; then it will work for both Edit Mode and Pose Mode. Because I find this very confusing, I prefer to rely on Bone Axes Display (as it will show all the Bones Axes of an Armature Object even on Object Mode, besides Pose Mode and Edit Mode).

This doesn’t mean that this would solve your issue. But I believe you’re getting lost in understanding the UI in relation to Bone Axes (which are fundamental for Rigging with Bones usually), that’s why you’re not being able to solve the problematic with this Eye-Track Rig. Make sure you visualize truly what are the Bones’ Axes on Edit Mode.

I fixed this i just made sure weighting was 100% on eye and parented to rig with empty groups

I see; so it was Armature Deform Parenting. In certain cases, Bone Parenting is more efficient —although less versatile.