track to hand

okay here is the deal.

i have a character
he has a stick
he carries the stick
the stick is a seperate object so he can drop it, twirl it, and grab it at differnt points

how do i make it so that when i move the character’s arm in pose mode, the stick will stay firmly in his right hand but not be modified by the armature.

on a lighter note, whats your favorite flavor of pie (it will help me in my animation, trust me)


i cant help u in the first Q,
but in the second…chicken pie

hmm… is it impossible? do i have to move the stick for every key frame i move the hand?

eh… that might look sloppy in the end.

You use Copy Location and Copy Rotation Constraints and animate their Influence. To Twirl you use a TrackTo Constraint with an Empty that spins around as Target.

Why is this not in the Animation Forum?


thanks, i will have to still figure out what your talking about, but at least i know what to look for.

Why is this not in the Animation Forum?


you can also use an easier way, that’s been used in video games, which is adding another bone in your character’s armature and use it to animate your stick, though it won’t give you as much flexibility as Fligh’s way of doing it.