Track to help

hey all im using a track to actor i tried it on a spheare i works fine follows me ect now i try to put it to my rigged enamy it doesnt work any ideas should i assign the logic bricks to the armature or the object ect?


Try to add a empty, and give that empty all the actor and logic brick settings, then parent the armature to the empty, I think that should work, because the armature is only for animating the mesh around it, and not really as function as a actor, so adding another object to act as actor and parent the needed stuff to that object would work, and also looks cleaner. You can set all the action actuators on the armature and link the keyboard sensors from the empty (actor) to the armature action actuators. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope that helps.

hey jd i couldnt get it to work i pm u can u take a look?

Post the blend, so more people can see your problem. :-?

ok heres the blend anyone see what the problem is?

The problem was, that the mesh with armature got launched like a rocket out of the game. I did this to the zombie.

  • removed actor status from the armature.
  • added a empty, gave it actor settup.
  • added the logic bricks for track to to the empty actor.
  • parented the armature to the empty actor.
  • and hit ‘p’ to test and it works

Btw, also try to take a look at the health system, it seams when no enemy touches the player, the health still got lower.
Here the new blend file I changed (zoomed on the zombie)

hey thanks that works but when i did it he seems to be sliding round on his stomach do u know why?

oh and one final thing now that im using the empty is there a way to play an action animation when its supose to walk?

lol sorry yet another question when he touches me he gets pushed upwards is there a way to stop this?

Set the logic bricks to, it see’s with a ray sensor the player, and when he’s in front of it, stops walking and stand still doing a attack action. When you walk away, it walks (track to) the player again. :slight_smile:

what i ment coz u cant add an action actor with an empty

and sorry iv never used ray sensors can u explain what u mean in complete noob terms?

No, only on armatures. But select the empty and the armature and then click on [sel] in the logic bricks window. Then the only thing to do is to interconnect the controller of the empty with the action actuator of the armature - that’s all.

thanks got any answers to my other questions?