Tracking an Object Through a Tracked Scene

I want to track an object’s path through a scene that is camera tracked, is this possible? And if so, how would I do it. Thank you for any help.

mcQuinnessdr Yes that is possible. In Blender 6.2 they added the Object tracking. If the object you want to track is not premade for that purpose you would track it much like the camera by finding distinct points. Though that would probably require a bit more manual work. Check out This tutorial

Thank you! The was actually thinking of that scene they use when I was asking this question.

Your very Welcome.

Were you able to see object empties on the 3d viewport after solving? Mine aren’t showing up.

There are quite a few settings that you need to remember about. It’s really not that easy to guess what’s the problem in your particular case.
Some time ago I created a small series of tutorials about tracking. One of them is devoted strictly to objects.
Maybe you’ll find some useful info there:

Ok Sebastian emailed me to let me know what is going on. In Reconstruction, the Scale gets set to default at 0.00001 and needs to be changed to 1. Thanks Sebastian!

Bartek I’ll check that video out too, looks good!