Tracking problem I need help

Hello everyone!

I filmed a scene and then converted it into an image sequence and imported it into blender.
I would like to track this scene in the software.
I used the perspective function for this tracking and got a “score” of 0.17 which is a good result.
I then set up the tracking scene and here comes my problem.
I used a tracker as origin point but the position of this tracker in the movie clip editor does not correspond to the position in the 3D view.
It’s the same for the position of the y axis which doesn’t correspond to the one given in the movie clip editor.
It’s certainly because of this (I may be wrong) that even with a score of 0.17 px the cube slides slightly on the ground and ruins the tracking completely.

If someone can enlighten me on this subject it would be with great pleasure and thank you in advance.

I leave the blender file with you if you want to have a look at it.

Thanks again!

Here his the link

Hello again guys

I did a basic tutorial when I’m supposed to have an acceptable level in this area.

I filmed a sheet of paper with crosses on it and I conclude that something abnormal is going on with my tracking without knowing where it can come from.

Finally if it seems that the position of my trackers in the movie clip editor doesn’t correspond to their position in the 3d viewport.
Because of this (certainly) the cube by default slides slightly on the ground throughout the video.

However I did the usual manipulations, solve camera, set floor, scale, X/Y axes
I get a solve error of 0.16 px which is very acceptable with the perspective mode.

I really don’t know what to do and if someone can help me it’s with great pleasure !

Thanks to you :slight_smile:

His screen