Trade Show Game

Here is a game I’m working on. First game I’ve ever tried on any game engine. I plan to project it on an 80" screen @ 1920 x 1080 in our trade show booth so people at the shows we go to can play it.

I definitely need to add some score keeping and scene overlays during the game play. There will also be a lot more targets that pop up.

Also need to look into conserving memory where possible. Textures, Baking, etc. I don’t know anything about it. It plays at 60 FPS on my comp (i7, win64, 12gb ram, GTX 560ti x2). But it needs to work on my laptop too.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Sorry you can’t really hear the sound from the game. I recorded this on my cell phone.

I really like this idea look fun to play with it.

what did you use to track the lazer into the engine.

Very nice.

Thanks for the responses.

@mrn, The gun is called the EMS Topgun III. I wanted a wireless arcade gun that was PC compatible and this was the only one I saw. If you watch the video, you will see four infrared squares at the top and bottom of the screen. That is how the mouse is tracked. Once calibrated, the laser sight becomes the mouse.

I like it. Nice toy that gun ^^
Works in Linux/mac too?

@victorbalbio I don’t think the gun work on linux/mac. I haven’t tried it, but the box says PS3, PS2, XBOX and PC (win 7, vista, xp).

Here is the manufacturers website for this product: (click on products > PS3 > Topgun III)

After a tricky install, I still can’t believe how great this gun works. And $65.00 wasn’t too bad.