Traditional box modeling tutorials on the human figure.

Hey there, I’m kinda getting sick of poly by poly modeling ; it’s very time consuming,and I don’t have the specs on my mac to do sculpting/retopo either, which also can take up time. I did a lot of digging online and found out mostly everyone including myself uses simple box modeling of the body, and poly by poly modeling of the face; I’m trying to break away from that.

I was checking out William Vaughan’s book :[digital modeling] ; He used the rotate edge tool cw to create the edge loop for the jaw line loop that goes around to the back of the skull.

Here is an example of what I mean.

My only problem is that I can’t find any tutorials on the human figure like the one below using advanced box modeling .

I’ve gone here so far:

trying to achieve this without resorting to deleting faces ,only using the knife tool,edge rotation,extract,scale,rotate etc…

that model probably started out as a sphere, judging from the top of the head.
(edit) no matter how you do it, you’re going to do a lot of extruding, shifting, loop cutting and especially alt-S ( scale along normal )
(edit) also don’t neglect the rip tool ( hotkey V )