Traffic Lights in EEVEE

Testing and playing with texture sequences in EEVEE

HDRi from Blender Cloud - Fort Sumter


The running animation is pretty cool, I like it.

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Good point here. Usually, there’s long wait and very little time to cross the street :wink:

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Cool, but why are the traffic lights slightly rotating toward each other? Any leftover keyframes in there?

Now, you know, you could start having some fun with this … :smiley: … say the character runs from one traffic light to the other, and a car whooshes by (in the light) and smooshes him. Or something equally absurd. “What traffic lights do when they get bored …”

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Playing around with the objects

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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Could be cool to mess with lights not so perfectly turning on and off, like having the lights have a slight bit of “ghosting” when turning off before going black, or slight bit of brightness overshoot when turning on. Maybe slight bit of flickering as well.

But very cool idea, and it looks great!

Good Idea, will try to implement it