Train animation test.

Started a little test train rig just for the hell of it :p. I hope to finish this one lol.

Got all this from blender guru Andrew price tutorials. The train is just mirrored and arrayed along a curve and the train track as well. The train is animated along the track or curve via a controller empty. Seems to work well for this purpose.

This is my first test with some vector blur. This will be longer and I hope will have some excitement of some sort added upon completion.

Here is a still image for detain on the train.

I thought it would be cool to make it in the air coming out of a skyscraper and passing a few other skyscrapers on its rout. Maybe a night time scene with some lighting and a cool HDR image. Though all the ones I have found for free are low res and just plain suck. So if any one knows a good place for some HDR hight res (For free) please let me know.~.^

Please harsh crit is always welcome!
Though I would like to stress this is purely out of my head with no references being used.


New image. Doing some textures and nodes yay! Start adding some fog and smoke soon. Maybe some sparks on the wheels.