Train Station

This was done for he ByngInlet town reconstruction project that i am a part of

Train station with a few moficications, as it has been opriginaly rebuilt as seen in the photo’s

this is about 2 hours of work

and this is what i made it look like

Looks nice. How come you didn’t take it any further?


i didnt take it any further first becouse there are several people doing this project, everything will be textured by one person so it all has the same feel (there are like 50+ structures in total) and it will be a real time walkthrough

we are doing the reconstruction quality to a minimum but still try to make it look good so the engine can handle all that weight of poly’s

can’t wait for the walkthrough, really like historical recreations:D

Your model really doesn’t look much like the reference. I don’t know what level of accuracy you need but I think the roof could be much improved. Do a google search on hip roofs to get an idea on how they are built. The rest of the building looks like a good start. Keep at it but please fix the roof PM me if you need help I am a builder and have built many roofs we still do it the same as 100 years ago.
here is a blend that has a similar hip roof so you can see how some of the geometry fits together. This roof in the blend is not really the same as the reference, the platform roof in the ref has a lower eve in my blend the eve is at the same elevation.


the train station was rebuild several times and for that the roof scheme was changed as well

i talked to other artists and the head of the historical sosiety, and he thinks that this roof is good, everything will undergo fixing and optemizing anyways so it aint that big of a deal

and shr1k, this isnt a “good start” this is as far as the detail goes, for such a huge ammount of architecture we just plain out cannot put more detail into this as the hardwear just wont handle it

My problem with the roof is no one would ever build a dormer like you have it, it looks strange. I think if it was modeled like the roof in the pic it would use less verts as well. Its your project and thats my opinion so good luck and I hope it turns out well.

well thats why i said c&c is welcome lol

ill see if i can fix it up a bit

It’s certainly a well-done model. The most important thing to consider in a project like this one is to do your research thoroughly and well. The railroad community is full of experts who will know instantly if you “got it wrong.”