I have just started doing a Train since this is my first major project was looking for you blender heads to comment openly and honestly.

Explain a little more what you are aiming for.
Are you a train buff attempting a replica ?
Do you intend to remain on the NPR (non-photo-realistic) side of it or go all out with a full scenery ?

As already said it is a good start but there isn’t much to comment on yet.
How long have you been using Blender ? Did you use other 3D software prior ?
Tell us about you and what you expect, hope to achieve.

Are there any questions you’d like to ask ?


I am intending to do a whole rail station scene how photo realistic will very much depend on how I get on with materials and textures don’t fully understand how to use Bump maps yet. So any help for good tutorials would be much appreciated.

I got inspired for this when I took the kids on steam train trip and would like a fantasy photo style.

I have been using blender for a 1 month and have never used any other 3d tools before came from using adobe photoshop and making sigs for another forum I belong too.

Hope this answers you questions and also thanks for your comments

if you need to know anything, just go to the tutorials section…

or click on search then try bump or bump map, or dispacement etc.


Excellent have reads and digested that wil continue with my project a little more relaxed now.