this work was based on gnomon concept

nice one, I like it!

thanks for comment:RocknRoll:

the thing that really stuck me was that the bucket seats seem a bit too flat. here in NYC our subways have seats with more curvature.

but other than that good job.

This is really good. I think the best parts of this image are the highly detailed train map on the wall, and the extremely realistic logos/adds on the ceiling.

I also agree with max11d, but as it’s supposed to be a finished project, (and you’re probably sick of reworking it due to critiques already) I wouldn’t bother reworking it, as I don’t think it takes away from the image.

Ed: Btw, what is the red glowy thing outside the window on the left of the train meant to be?

I agree with noob, the details really make the picture awesome!

Thanks for the comments, the red one is left on the glass graffiti

Okay… :smiley: Thanks for explaining.


looks great :smiley: I love it! The only thing I have to say is maybe you could make the exit signs glow a little more? That could easily be accomplished in the compositor. But it’s your choice. and I just have to say the graffiti looks awesome :wink:

missmajor thanks for commenting, I will follow your cue to exit as a brighter light:yes: