Training with a beautiful interior

Work on improving my own skills, looking through HDRI maps.

Relying on a reference in architecture.



Looks super nice!

What hDRis are you using here ?

Also how do u achieve this blurry chromatic effect ? Is it DoF?

Looks great.

Any post processing or anything else you can share with us? :slight_smile:



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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3DCollective_HDRi_034_1751_+32_16K It seems to me that this one, or the previous one, they differ by a couple of hours of time, the height of the sun, the general mood remains.
This one uses K-cycles, and the settings from it. Blur, chromatic aberration.
Yes, I add some camera effects, but they can be added in photoshop as well. I would say that some are much easier in K-cycles, others on the contrary work better in photoshop.
For example, I still left the sharpness low in K-cycles, but then adjusted it much more in Photoshop, just like the contrast. I also put a low value of noisiness in k-cycles, and then add much more in photoshop - it’s of better quality there.

In general, my post-processing is dictated by the idea that a picture with denoise by default looks unrealistic, so I try to give it the look of a photo, or some “vintage”. Vintage of course is not quite correct due to the modernity of the genre, but the essence of the processes is preserved, just in smaller proportions)).


Great work !!

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Amazing work bro, nights shots also look amazing great work with blender

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It looks really great, i like it so much, good work!

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