Trampoline GAME [artist search]

I know these kind of posts are not always that successful, but I think it’s worth giving it a try…

Walaber’s Trampoline

Trampoline is an athletic simulation game where players control an athlete jumping on a trampoline, performing gynmastic maneuvers. The game can best be described as a Tony-Hawk style sports game taking place entirely on a trampoline.

The game features:

  • Truly realistic trampoline physics based on a setup of my creation.
  • Realistic (yet fun) control model gives the player more control than ever before for performing complex gynmastic flips and twists.
  • Create your own character be choosing body shape, outfit, and clothing colors.
  • Full story mode with upgrades to player’s characters, and unlocking other content through completing objectives
  • Freeplay mode for just “playing around” on the trampoline
  • Internet multiplayer (already 90% complete)
  • Spectacular, cringe-inducing ragdoll crashes (on and off the trampoline)
  • about 80% code complete

Okay, so the reason I am writing this is that I am looking for 1 (one) talented artist that is interested in helping create the content necessary for the game. As you can see from the screenshots below, my 3D skills are not appaling, but also not top-level freeware quality. I am looking for someone to either help supplement what I have already done, or to (even better) improve on the existing work, and create the rest of the remaining content.

What I am most lacking is human character models to use for both the in-game characters, and the background “onlookers” that will populate the various arenas in the game. I would also like to add a few more arenas to those I have already created, and possibly improve upon the existing arenas I have made.


  • Talented artist with experience making low-poly realtime game assets. This includes UV unwrapping / texturing!
  • Willing to work on a FREEWARE title (of course full credit will be given for any and all work done on the project)
  • Someone interested in the project
  • Someone dedicated enough to see the project through to completion.

Scope of Work
something along the lines of:
10 Character models (w/ skeleton, simple poses, and 1 texture map)
2-3 background arenas (static, lightmapped with Gile[s]).

I would prefer someone who works in Blender (and possibly Gile[s]), as that will make the exchange of assets much easier, as I have these programs.

Any interested artists, please PM or EMAIL me (or respond to this post) with a few samples, and we can discuss further.


now this is how everyone who wants “Help to make a game” should post :]

i get tired of all the n00bs who want everyone else to do all the work and they just sit and watch.

bravo on all the effort ! im sure you will get a lot of help on this one…seeing as how you’ve proved your willing to work on it already :]

(sorry, im not good enough to help…but i just thought i would give ya the thumbs up)

I could try to make something. But why not have 2-3 modelers?

Here is a pretty old model, but I still think it’s one of my best. First page models really suck but on the second page it gets better.

Here is another model, not that great but the first pic I done in about half an hour.

I suck on texturing. But hey you were looking for modelers.

I agree with Nehpets…This is the first post like this that I can say is done RIGHT! If i was not so busy I would help you myself. You have some skills programming for sure. I like the idea also. Its something my little nephews and nieces would love to play!

I would give you a Thumbs up, if anyone is even considering helping you…DO IT!

your game looks promising :slight_smile: are you making it in ogre or are you using something else this time…? I have been following your stunt playground game, and I hope you put as much effort in this :slight_smile:

good luck


this sounds damn great, although unfortunately I am busy too, and sounds a bit out of my league.

Just a question though, will it be available for mac? and if so, what are the estimated system requirements?

I agree, great post for your request and a great idea.

Though it is in the wrong forum. Thus, I have moved it.


tux yes, I am using Ogre + Newton physics SDK again. I am putting more time and effort into this one than Stunt Playground!

Alex_G - it is being coded with cross-platform libraries, and I think everything I’m using is MAC-happy except FMOD for sound… so a port is not impossible, but I have no MAC to develop with!

BgDM - thanks for the comments, sorry about the wrong forum, I wan’t really sure where to put it.

I’d love to help. and although I don’t have anything to show you, I would love to have the information. Send me something at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you. I’ll play around with your models and if something turns out looking nice, I’ll send it back to you. I would love to see this game really get going. The screen shots look awesome! I have a trampoline in my back yard. Maybe I’ll learn some new moves! :wink: LOL!

any reason not to use the new makehuman model?

It is a high quality mesh, and you could delete edgeloops to get the polycount down.


Is there anyway to use physics simulations for your character animations though (not neccessarily in game but for the baked animation)? They don’t rotate around their center of mass, and don’t change their rotation center or speed correctly when they tuck and untuck for instance. Nor when they crouch or extend the effect on their motion doesn’t really happen. Also they appear to be able to begin pulling their limbs in at wierd points in their arc.

excellent idea and it looks like a great deal of fun, alas my modeling talents are fairly nil.


using the makehuman model is actually a pretty good idea, I will give that a shot. I don’t suppose it is comes UV unwrapped?

LetterRip: thanks for the comments. everything you mentioned can be adjusted so it looks more realistic, it’s just an issue of getting the center of mass pivot set right in the animations, etc.

what do you mean by crouching/extending affecting motion? you mean the player’s trajectory? does this really have much affect on trajectory?

They are doing the UV mapping now, it was ‘almost ready’ last I heard, not sure if it is quite ready yet.

I can inquire about it if you like.

what do you mean by crouching/extending affecting motion? you mean the player’s trajectory? does this really have much affect on trajectory?

If affects the angular momentum and changes the center of mass. So they rotate around a different center point when tucked into a ball versus full body exentions. (I meant tucked instead of crouched in the above sorry…)

Unrelated to my comment but also the trajectory change from each bounce can be pretty significant. Also when you land and take off, the timing of your crounch and extension will greatly effect whether you increase, decrease, or maintain your velocity.


all of that can be adjusted, so the COM is right for every pose.

also, the timing of “pumping” when jumping affects how high you jump afterward.

but enough about the game… where’s the artist?? :stuck_out_tongue: