Trance fever?

If all you guys are into trance, progressive, hardcore, drums and bass and even classical music and much more, check out this awesome site. Online radio

and you can rip this beatuiful music to your hardrive simutaneously while listening to it with streamripper here

Pure goodness

Yeah, I discovered digitallyimported because there is a bookmark to the stream in amarok. I love blending to the sound of techno :wink:

yeh, I listen to them everynow and then.

or something of my 4gb’s of music
or something from my cd music collection


I go for


It’s time for the percolator…It’s time for the percolator…It’s time for the percolator…:stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic, how could you leave out ? :wink:


here we have the nerd members.

DigitallyImported as a station on Shoutcast Radio from winamp. I listen to that station a lot sometimes. Nice stuff.