Hi! Here’s my first CG this year… = )


Stunning! Just stunning. :slight_smile:

thank you!

Cheers! = )

Amazing work! Love that quote.

wow great render! beautiful!

thank you, guys! = )

thank you, guys! = )

Really nice :slight_smile:

I am grateful… :slight_smile:

Was the trunk sculpted?

The black wood texture is amazing how did you do it.

I used Skin modifier to make the shape, then Multires instead of Subdiv, couple of Displaces using textures, and then a little bit of sculpting for some final hand-made tweaks…

black wood is all about bump and mixing diffuse and glossy via fresnel…

Awesome work***My portfolio:

thanks! = )

Grate! very lonely but inviting. Very good mood.

Awesome result! The warm glow adds so much to the image too.

thank you! = )