Transfer hair from one mesh to another

I’ve been working on my sheep model, and I duplicated the blend files. One has the WIP Sheep that I’m working on, and the other is a test .blend (lighting, hair, etc.). Well, I recently did some more work in the WIP blend, and the test blend sheep has an edited hair system attached to it.

What I want to do is transfer the WIP sheep over to the test blend, and apply the hair system to the newly placed WIP model, and for the hair to be the same on both models. After all, it’s the same model, but with a few more verticies.

Is there any way to do this?

Some things I’ve learned that may apply to your situation:

  1. “a few more vertices” means that the models are NOT the same, despite resemblance in shape;
  2. a hair system cannot, afaik, be “transferred” from from one emitter mesh to another;
  3. the Mesh property of an Object (such as one with a hair system) can be set to another mesh, but doing so may screw up the hair system – in my experience, any change to the emitter mesh of a hair system that involves changing the number of verts can do extremely odd and undesirable things, like relocate the parent strands at random.
  4. a model can have a separate mesh for the hair emitter, with the emitter set to not render – this can solve some problems of mesh editing affecting the hair but likely isn’t possible in all situations – depends on how your hair is set up.

Shoot, that’s disappointing to hear :frowning: . But thanks for informing me :slight_smile: .

I’ll try number 4 and see what I can do.

It is possible.

…in the future.