Transfer srgb image texture to linear color space in composite workspace and exported it out?

Hey guys, i was wondering how can i transfer sRGB image texture to linear space in composite workspace?
my attempt is to add a gamma node and set it’s value to 1/2.2. by doing this, i am supposing i correctly convert srgb to linear. and for viewing the linear image, i add a viewer node. but i am not sure if the view node has a auto gamma (2.2) correction on it.
i am so confused with the color space problem, srgb, linear, hdr, openexr stuff.
any direction or any resource would be really appreciate!
thanks in advance!

I don’t think you can explicity set the colorspace in the compositor. You can set the colorspace of the input image, and Blender will convert it under-the-hood to scene-linear for compositing I believe.

If you simply attach the image node to the composite output node and render a 16 or 32-bit EXR image it would export in linear color, so you could then load that image and set the input color space to “raw”, or “linear” (forgive me, I’ve been using Blender with a custom ACES profile for so long I can’t remember the Filmic defaults). Then you can add your gamma node.

EDIT: If I remember correctly, you wouldn’t need the gamma node. Blender converts between scene-linear and display color automatically, so you’ll always see your image in the display profile you set in your Color Management settings (in the Properties panel). I wish there was finer control over this kind of thing. How’s that for a long-winded, “who knows?” haha.

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