Transfering animations from 2.5+ into 2.49b

Hi folks, I need some advice here:

I want to animate a snake in 2.5+ using the spline IK, then bake the IK so I have no more constraints and then export it to a file the game can use, .KF / NIF. The problem is, the .KF exporter is still being ported to 2.5+ and that seems to take much more time. That’s why I want to find a workaround to get the animation data into 2.49, where I can export it to .KF, as you can’t use the 2.5+ files (animations at least) in 2.49 because of the new API.

The working pipeline I thought of:
Animating in 2.5+, baking the animation -> Export to some format -> Import into 2.49b -> Export to .KF

So basically, is there any file type that supports animations and has an export plugin for 2.5+ and an import plugin for 2.49b? I haven’t found any yet…

Any help would be really appreciated! :slight_smile:

Does really nobody know of a format which contains animations and can be exported from 2.5+ and imported into 2.49?