transfering avi to flash / avi compression

just a few basic questions about this topic, i rember using flash about three years ago and i rember that you could upload avi files into the flash animation, my questions are will this greatly reduce my file sizes if i move them into flash format.

say i have a 5meg avi file, if i transfer it to a flash file will it be considerably less?

and has any one found a good way to reduce avi file size, besides resizeing and compression codecs.

thanks in advance for help

im not sure about the first. although my guess would be that it might help.

second. Try putting it in a zip folder or a RAR archive. tahts about it.

importing any animation (avi, mov whatever flash can read) involves an internal recoding using a sorenson codec. so the same rules apply as for any recoding - low quality, low size, and vice versa. if file size is your primary concern, i wouldn’t use flash, as the codecs used are not cutting-edge, and additional data is packe into the swf-movie. i’d rather go for a modern MPEG4 codec, and try to squeeze t alittle more using the latest version of an archiving software (RAR, ZIP…).

Not unless it’s vector based media like a cartoon. Flash files are like pdf in that you can zoom in and the same quality is retained. This doesn’t work well for realistic scenes like photos but is ok for things like toon renderings.

Nope, that’s about all you can do. Like Solmax says, size is always a trade-off with quality. Certain codecs are better than others but these days, you should opt for mpeg-4 based codecs.

The upcoming H264 codec should be very good.

I usually put the codec quality up to max and then use the bitrate slider. That way you can get a much more accurate control over filesize, though variable bitrate is usually even better.

well i had an animation 28mb avi converted to swf 2.5 mb

wow how.

Video Compression Lesson #1: If you can still compress the file by applying a lossless compression (GZIP, RAR, …), than your compression algorithm is shit. The maximum you could gain with such a compression (assuming your video compression algorithm is good) would be to compress AVI header data and other small parts of the AVI file format. This ammount to not much, usually not more than a couple KBs.

About converting to Flash (or any other vectored based format), keep in mind that the level of detail will be severily diminished to achieve a sane vectorised scene. For any good level of detail, you’d be much better staying away from that.


well i have a avi convertor that only converts then to WMV (windows media files) but these reduce it i had a 32 mg avi file it went down to like 200kb considerably less than the avi

wow reaper mind sharing?

i use a converter to convert wmv to avi. cause when i use windows movie maker it comes out as a wmv, not everybody can view that so i convert it to avi.

I useStoik Video Converter

it doesnt lose much quality.

hey dude i use stoik convertor
quite good as it is free aswell

go to

many games use it, it is free.

Bink Video is a “better-than-DVD” video codec. That is, it compresses better than DVD at up to three times the playback speed! Bink is a hybrid block-transform and wavelet codec that can encode your video using 16 different compression techniques (wavelet, DCT, motion compensation, a variety of vector quantizers, Smacker-style, and more). With all of these techniques in one codec, Bink can handle pretty much any type of video. It also has a psycho-acoustic based audio codec that is capable of 8 to 1 perceptually lossless compression, so your audio will sound as good as your video looks!