Transform A without affecting B in transition

I thought I’d try using Blender for a slideshow (usually just do 3d scenes). I tried using the transform strip on an image strip to adjust the aspect ratio of an image and I am having trouble with the transitions. When I try to do a cross fade between A and B and A has a transform strip, it either bounces back during the cross fade to the non transformed image or if I apply a transform strip to the fade it also transforms B, which I don’t want to transform. Is there a way around this?

I figured it out. At least one way to do it is to make the transition(s) tied to the image strip into a meta strip and then add the cross fade effect between the meta strip and the 2nd image or the 2nd meta strip. It makes it a bit tricky though if you want to change something. You have to unmeta the strip first, thus losing the data of the cross fade effect.

Is there a way to get at the data inside the meta strip strips without doing an unmeta operation? Specifically, I wanted to be able to change any keyframe data I had setup for a transform effect.

Just like editing in the 3D view TAB key to step in and out of a meta-strip

Oh cool, didn’t know about the Tab thing in the VSE. I love that Blender is consistent, but sometimes that isn’t so obvious that it is. I didn’t think of cross fading between the transform strips. That works, thanks. I also found that I was able to edit the transform keyframe values in the dope sheet, but that was kinda weird and only let me control the top most transform.