Transform constraint doesnt do anything

As far as i can see it, this seems a useless constraint. My guess is it should be used for providing a manual offset rotation/transform etc after your object has grabbed transformation data from its parent object. But messing around with all the sliders has absolutely no effect.

I have a scene where i have applied a helmet to a character, and the front (“face”) of the helment points up at the cieling instead of pointing in the direction the character is facing. So without this tool, how am I supposed to make the object face the right way?

test.blend (650 KB)

I suggest you parent the helmet to the head bone, with an offset to make it ‘look’ the right way?

put the helmet without any constraint where you want it to be.

add a child constraint, target the armature, then the bone head, then click on “set inverse”

A Transform Constraint uses a moving property of some other object/bone, like location, rotation or scale, during an animation to directly effect one or more movement properties of the owner object in one of several axis spaces. It is a very capable and desirable tool to the animator. Might I suggest you read the help manual pages on the constraint to understand what it does, rather than rubbishing something you don’t understand. It is clear from the previous two posts that you should not be using it anyway.