Transform Manipulator not working anymore?

After a (memory related) system crash and restart, the rotation part of the transform manipulator does not work anymore.
This is the same problem on 2 different Blender versions and with different mice. I m on Win 10.

If I select the translate part, it works. But all the rotations don’t.

EDIT: I just found out, only if i select/pick the very start of the green/red/blue rotation circle line, then it works???

EDIT 2: When clicking on the one end of the manipulator 180deg circle, then it rotates around its axis, but clicking on the other end it rotates the object around its center pivot point / origin. I never had this behaviour before (it was always rotating around the axis). Problem is you never know which manipulator-circle-end does what.

How can I fix that? Settings? Re-install? Graphics-driver?

Thanks for any help!

Have you tried reseting Blender Prefs?

Go to:
C:\Users\your-uesr-name\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

And rename your 2.77 (2.78 or 2.76) to something like 2.77_Backup.
Once you boot up Blender it will recreate the folder with Default Settings.

File -> load factory defaults is faster to test. If those work, user preferences -> save user preferences, file -> save as startup file.

Resetting the default settings did not fix the problem.

But after a Windows (10) restart including an update, the transform/rotate manipulator works correctly again…