Transform pivot point ignored when typing values into transform panel

Hi, apologies if this has been asked before. I’ve done a bit of searching and googling and not had much luck, maybe I’m phrasing things wrong.

I’m trying to scale a few selected objects to a specific height using the 3d cursor as pivot. Their default z height is 1 but are currently transformed to 0.65, and I want to reduce that to 0.45. Problem is, if I use s>z>0.45 it gives me 0.45 of the current 0.65 = 0.292.
Putting 0.45 into the z scale in the transform panel works fine, but it ignores the pivot and scales the objects on their origins.

Thanks in advance.

The transform panel only works in global space.
Why not just use s>z>0.692?

Ok, thanks.
Yeah that’s a possibility, although was hoping there was a more straightforward way than calculating the relationship between those two values to end up with the measurement you want. These are representing real world measurements for something I’m designing, and that would prob generate some fussy numbers at times.
For now I’ll probably just scale globally or snapped to grid where possible and put things back in place where necessary.

If you’re working in real world measurements then I don’t get why you would work with a scale of 0.65 or 0.45? Then I would look at dimensions instead and use the move tool.

Here’s two ways of doing it with the move tool.

Thanks, that seems like the kind of thing I’m looking for.

I’m working with 1m long pvc pipes that will be cut down to various sizes, and it seemed easiest to stay in object mode, duplicate and adjust the pipes, inputting the length dimensions in the transform bar - which also changes the scale to the same number since 1m = scale 1, making the two interchangeable. But hit snags when resizing multiple pipes to an outside pivot.
I didn’t know you could go into edit mode with multiple objects. What was the shortcut you used to change the face position in edit mode? I got similar results with alt+D but not sure that’s right.

Oh, I guess you just used grab. Got it, thanks

yes, grab its called in Blender. I call it the move tool. :smiley:

Yeah, totally missed where you clearly said that with your gif, sorry! lol. :upside_down_face: