Transformer ( Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG )

Hello everyone!

First i want to thanks everyone who helped me with this project!
Here it is, my transformer Finished!
It is fully rigged too.
Animation of it ( Updated )

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

I was going to ask if it was 2 separate models, then I saw the video. That is freaking awesome. Well done.
(Though on a personal note, i hate the new transformers. :))

Thanks Ohjin!

Nice model, textures, rig, and lighting. The animation could be better. Try concentrating on staging.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! I am not very familiar with rigging so… :smiley: I made that animation only because i wanted to show that it wasnt only two seperate models.

There isn’t enough light :confused:

I appereciate your opinion but if you mean the animation, it was done a bit confused by purpose. (sorry if there is some bad english)

Awesome job. Only one niggle, his arms are too short, it was the first thing I noticed. His hands should reach his hips.

thanks! Yeah you are right.

Really great, I love how the engine is the chest piece and the symmetry that the intake pipes gives.
I agree with the arms length, but I love the legs they are spot on imo.
Overall I thinks it’s really cool :slight_smile:

Thanks Wega!

hi ,very good work and cool detail,where is another two tire ?:slight_smile:

Very cool design and modeling, please do clean rendering with more passes for full pose. also in full pose head is not very clear like the bust pose.

Thanks both of you! Working on it!

Great job, very nicely done ! Congrats.

Thanks! Here is better image with “clear head” :slight_smile:

How did you do all the small details on the plates when it’s transformed? Displacement?

Sorry i didnt realize your question. What details do you mean?

This is seriously good work. It really showcases the power of Blender; it’s as good as most VFX you will see from the major houses, never mind all the crits (which might be correct, but are small, niggling issues) Kudos to you.

The animation thoroughly disappointed me once I got over the rush of the first few seconds, and how impressive your work is. I was hoping he would dance a jog or something equally silly.

5* from me anyway!

would’ve commented sooner, but I had to get a new set of eyes. My old ones popped out! 5* all the way.
maybe some wires?