Updated: see second render

Heres my entry for the weekend contest. He’s a transformer robot disguised as an ordinary, but cool-looking mouse.:smiley:

heres a link to the contest


nice modelling and textures. But lighting and scene could be improved.

Just brighten it up a bit, just with colour curves, and you should be fine. I like the modeling and lighting itself. Nice. :]

Yeah, gotta back up Blackboe here(or you could do maual lighting, wutever), and maybe add some sort of background(a simpel monitor or something)

I really like the concept and models though :slight_smile:

cute little hands. but yea, your monitor is too bright, so it looks ok on yours but a properly adjusted monitor your picture’s all dark.

It’s too dark.

Alright, I will do another render with better lighting. Both of my computers use lcd’s, so it is hard to get the brightness right. However, the computer that the file is on is in pieces on my floor, so it may be a day or so before I can rerender it.

updated: see first post